Tamborine Lavender News – November 2019

Well it’s still very dry, although we picked up 16ml over the weekend which was enough to dampen the ground and water the lavender.  We also had a hail storm half way through the month.  It’s only the second one we have witnessed here and wow what a storm!  Hail stones the size of golf balls and larger.  It didn’t last long thank goodness and the only damage was a few dents on vehicles and a couple of little branches off the lavender here and there.  We were very lucky compared to others, especially on the Sunshine Coast just north of Brisbane where cars and houses were belted.  And there is still the risk of bushfires everywhere.  What a season of extremes we are having.  Up to 40°C here and freezing down south in Victoria.  I am wondering if we will ever see our new larger dam with water in it. We have been watering a few areas with the bore water which helps to green some of the grass, but we are starting to see large dry patches that we haven’t had before.  Climate change is on everyone’s radar these days and what can we do about it?  I think we must all responsibility for how we use, dispose, recycle in our homes.  It is the reason we limit the use of plastic where we can with our business.  We all need to do our bit…..and that little bit can and will make a difference. 

It has been a huge month here at Tamborine Lavender with our website going live with the help of the wonderful and unflappable Tara, from Pandarra Designs, who has done an amazing job of organizing and linking all my bits and pieces together and adding to it all.  A big Thank you to Tara who has saved me much anxiety and, I’m sure, had lengthened my life span!  We even received our first few sales which has been very exciting.  When we received the first , I rang Rassie, who was working on site at the time and I am sure he jumped as he heard me scream my excitement down the phone.  It has been a long time coming and I don’t think I fully understood the work involved to get to this point…actually, I had no bloody idea!  But in saying that, I am glad we took the leap and went ahead with it.  I have so much to thank Tara for including the many emails which probably spoke nonsense, but she has always understood me even when I didn’t really know what I was asking.  Did I mention her business is “Pandarra Designs”?  Well, doesn’t hurt to mention it again. 

The labelling has been finalised and I am pleased with the outcome.  I didn’t realise there were so many things to consider and must be included.  I have almost become label obsessed, if there is such a thing….actually there is, because I have it!  When I see homemade products for sale, I will check out the labelling and have become very surprised at how little information there can be.  However, we are all on our own journey and I can’t get caught up in how other people do their thing as long I am ok with how we do our thing.  You will always know what is in our products.  This is why you will find an ingredient page on our site which lists every single ingredient that we use.  I have not seen one before so I hope being this transparent gives you confidence in purchasing our products.  I believe in making informed decisions and we are happy to be transparent.  No need to research the ingredient, we have done it for you!

We have products up for sale and I have a list of products in the waiting.  This will be an ongoing adventure and I am sure there will be ups and downs and many things to learn.  I am currently making soy wax melts and have purchased some burners and there is another Teddy getting ready to go.  Now to work out how to use the light box I bought to take pretty pictures.  The moisturiser, liquid soap and bubble bath will be coming on line next year and along with more products as we grow. 

***See our facebook page for the Competition to name our Teddy *** https://www.facebook.com/Tamborine-Lavender-341854506518404

The lavender is growing, but not as quickly as I thought it would this time of year.  It takes 3 years to mature, but I thought there would be more growth by now.  Maybe I’m just impatient?  Maybe our current dry doesn’t help?   Some are growing better than others and I am glad I took the advice to plant a few different kinds to trial what may grow best.  It appears that the intermedia ‘Super’ is growing the best at the moment, but hey…it is early days yet so I guess I have to give it time.  The Angustofolio ‘Pacific Blue’ also seems to be doing well, but they are not supposed to like too much humidity so that might change as we move into the Queensland sub-tropical summer.  Every time I walk over there, I am joined by the Executive team who love to check out the plants.  Knackers, the cat, lies on the mounds and rolls around while Tilly, the border collie, (she had a clip so looks a little differnet) usually finds a shady spot to lie down and Diesel the border collie cross…..well he jumps around me in circles spinning as he jumps (I’m sure I’d put my back out if I tried his mid-air spins).  I think Diesel’s excitement is more to do with hoping I will play with him.  Fetching a tennis ball and playing soccer are his favourite things.  Tilly doesn’t run too far these days as she is nearing 10 yrs old, but they have this tag team thing where Diesel will fetch the ball and bring it back for Tilly to pick up and bring to the thrower – quite cute really.  Then there’s Foxy, who is just curious and likes to be part of it all.

Well the weather is getting much warmer and we are expected to reach 40°C here by the end of the week.  We are seriously considering air-conditioning in part of our little home.  We have been here now for nearly 10 years without, air conditioning or a heater, but this year might be the year for cooling.  Our winters are very mild and only last 4-6 weeks where it is really only the nights and early mornings that are cold with an occasional light frost which doesn’t happen every year.  However our summers seem to be getting hotter with longer heat waves.

On this note I want to mention the horrific fires Australia has been experiencing since August.  Our hearts go out to those who have lost their homes, animals and infrastructure.   There has also been the tragic loss of wildlife and their habitats.  Our hope is that people are able to move forward in whatever form that is for them and the habitat recovers quickly for the remaining wildlife to flourish.   

Meanwhile …..  Do you think about what you type when responding to social media?  I was distressed when reading a local forum where there was an ad for some local Christmas Carol fireworks.  The very first post said “Secretly hoping they set the suburb alight because of their ignorance” …..Wow.  I thought….. they hope people lose their homes?!!  Whether you agree with fireworks or not, I was shocked at the comment.  While I agree people have a right to say their piece, I am saddened that people don’t think about their words in are in a hurry to press enter. 

If I ever write something that you find offensive, please let me know.  We don’t always realise that we could offend or hurt someone with our words.  I would sincerely hope I am sensitive to this.

……………and the journey continues…….

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