Our Story

This is the beginning of Tamborine Lavender farm.

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How Tamborine Lavender began......

In 2010 we bought 9 acres at Tamborine in South East Queensland, Australia.  It was a blank canvas with a gentle slope and creek on the back boundary.  There was no dwelling, power or water to begin with. We started out by making a road, clearing a space for a caravan and small water tank and building a dam with an island and swing bridge and lived there for twelve months while we built our ‘shed’.  We moved into the shed with kitchen, bathroom and other necessities.  Over the years we added an outdoor living space and a workshop.

In 2017 the big flood came.  Cyclone Debbie had hit north Queensland and we were expecting rain to come our way, but never expected what arrived.  The water rose higher than it had in local memory and we ended up with over a metre of water through our home.  We lost just about everything we had or it was damaged.  I was working in a high profile job in the city at the time which took up nearly 3 hrs a day in travel. We once again hired a caravan and the clean up and rebuild began.  It was devastating, but we moved forward.  We were both working and rebuilding in our spare time which was stressful and then I had a health scare.  It had become too much so I left work and concentrated on home.  Sometimes you have to draw a line in the sand and say enough!  Life is too short.

After the rebuild I knew I had to do something, but an office job didn’t hold the same appeal as it once did, so I started thinking about our land.  We both grew up on large properties and we had this piece of land that was laying vacant.  We had tried a few cattle, but we can have very dry spells so that became difficult as well as a young bull who became the Houdini of escape, so we sold them.  I had a thought about Lavender.  I don’t know exactly where it came from, but I started researching abit about growing it commercially.  During Christmas 2018 I approached my husband about the possibility of establishing a Lavender farm.  He did a little research and was very supportive.  We visited other lavender farms in Queensland, joined The Australian Lavender Growers Association and I went to their conference held in Tasmania.  Wow….what an amazing group of people.  They are supportive, helpful and generous in their knowledge which has been inspiring.  

We did our first planting at the end of April 2019 and have plans to how we want to grow our business in the future. Out of personal tragedy has come a bright future that we are excited about and hope to share with you all.

Our Company

Tamborine Lavender was established in 2019 with an idea and dream of creating something sustainable with eco-friendly idealogy to share with others.  We invite you to share our journey.

Our Team

We have many helpers here at Tamborine Lavender, they keep us busy & on track!  

Deisel (Collie x Jack Russell)
Tilly (Border Collie)

Executive Team Players

Knackers (alias 'King' Juilius)

Executive of All

Foxy (alias Kitty-Kat)

Executive Cuteness Factor

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