Tamborine Lavender News – June – August 2019

I have the Facebook page up and going and have started work on the Website which is a little slow, but I am learning along the way.  I spent time with a Cosmetic Chemist to formulate our body and face creams and I am very pleased with the result.  Rassie has made me some super duper stainless steel soap moulds and we are now the proud owners of a little tractor. 

All of the Angustofolio are growing well and are looking very dense, making nice looking little shrubs.  The Grosso is also doing well.    Some Super is growing better than others and the same with the Riverina Thomas.  Now we are coming into the warmer weather, I am hoping to see some super growth happening.  Everytime I walk through the rows, I tell them to be the best plants they can be – I’m sure they are listening – or at least I hope so.

The irrigation has just been put in and we are drip feeding from an IBC on the back of a ute which we fill with bore water.  We have bought a small tank and this will be directly filled from the bore in the near future.  For now it about getting water to the plants as it has been a very dry winter.

The other big news is our recent earthworks.  We had a beautiful dam with an island and connecting swinging bridge, but we needed to think about more water storage and safeguarding against future flooding, so we have removed the island and bridge and extended the dam to almost the breadth of our little farm.  We have also cleared a patch for our next rows of lavender.  I am hoping to increase our planting fourfold, but will have to see closer to the time. 

Another addition we have added to the fold is Lemon Myrtle with 30 trees ready for planting with another 70 to follow.

So for now I am working on getting products ready for the on-line shop, finish the website and plant the Lemon Myrtle.  Sounds simple enough, but there are so many things that need to happen as part of this.  Such as, converting a space outside into a laboratory grade space, finalise labelling and deciding on packaging.

And the journey continues………

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