Tamborine Lavender News – April & May 2019

When I started out with getting the rows ready I thought this would be a few full day’s work which wouldn’t be too hard.  Well I was in for a rude shock because as it turned out, it was hard labour!  This revelation was a bit of a rude shock, although I had been warned.  I thought I would find it easier.  Well, I was wrong!  Very wrong and I quickly became a little more humble in my approach which meant taking many, many more breaks and rests than I thought I would need.   We purchased the weedmat and pins to keep in place and began.  After about day 3, I had parts on my body that I never knew existed, but they were making themselves fully present and accounted for by creating aches and pains I had not known before, or at least couldn’t remember.   Rassie made a contraption that he bolted onto the side of one of our ride on mowers which helped to tidy up the sides of the moundss and he spoke about making a contraption to allow the plastic to be tucked into the ground, but I was getting a little we were expecting the plants the following week so that idea will have to wait for future mounds.

The initial plan was to have all the rows finished along with irrigation installed, so planting could begin as soon as they arrived.  Again, wrong!  Oh to live in a perfect world where plans roll out easily and perfectly.. ending in a result where you can sit back, drink in hand and be able to sigh, “oh, didn’t that work out perfectly.”  I found out very quickly that the real world, it doesn’t work like that.   I carried on, and was becoming a little wiser with taking more time and being a little kinder on myself, after I berated myself for being so incredibly naive in the first place.   I now look forward to a small tractor far more than I ever wished for a new car. In fact, I dream of tractors and finding the perfect one.  I know that is weird, but it is my current reality.  And it doesn’t even have to be new.  It can be old, with wear and tear, as long as it has abit of grunt so my body doesn’t need to work as hard.

Now it was time for planting.  And so it began.  The very first two were planted by two of our grandchildren William and Angel. I discussed the planting plans with the workforce, which consisted of myself, two collies and two cats and they all appeared to be on board with Tilly the Border Collie leading the team and planting herself on some soft grass in the shade not too far away to perfect her overseeing duties.  The first lavender plants included 3 types of intermedia consisting of; 210 x Riverina Thomas, 168 x Super, 252 x Grosso and 21 x Pacific Blue Angustofolias which are not supposed to grow well here because of the humidity, but thought I’d have a go with them.  Did I learn after the row preparation?  No!  I once again threw myself into the challenge (actually, that was the problem, I didn’t see it as a physical challenge, OMG, I really am an idiot!)  After setting out at a good pace I soon realized that is would take more than a couple of days.  I can’t tell you how many squats I have done, but I may be up for a world record somewhere (probably only here on the farm).

Let the growing begin!

And the journey continues…………..

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