Heat Pack – Lupin/Lavender


Lavender Lupin & Lavender Heat Pack.

Natural and Effective Pain Relief.

Lupin seed, dried Lavender bud,100% cotton fabric, Chemical free.

Lupin vs wheat – heats quicker, is lighter, no powder, no residual odour.

Added relief and relaxation properties of dried Lavender

Weight:  820g       Size:  34cm x 16cm

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Natural and Effective Pain Management.


  • Lighter than wheat
  • Less dust
  • Quicker to heat
  • Odourless

Place in Microwave OR Freezer

  • Hot or Cold for aches, pains & injuries
  • Calm relaxing relief from the dried Lavender Bud
  • No Chemicals
  • Moulds easily to the contours of the body

We freeze the grain for 7 days before adding to our products.


Cover:  100% High Quality durable Cotton Cover with soft corduroy back

Filling:  Lupin Grain Filling, Dried Lavender Bud (both grown and farmed in Australia)

Weight:  820g

Size:        34 cm x 16 cm

Weight0.820 kg
Dimensions16 × 16 × 7 cm


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